What is a Hookah Pen?

Absolutely taking the world by storm (right alongside electronic cigarettes), hookah pens have been exploding in popularity in just the last few years. More and more people are purchasing these electronic solutions within traditional who goes, just because they are so much more discreet – and space-saving – and in the larger and
full-scale hookah products.

But even if you’re only looking to upgrade your hookah collection, you’ll want to understand exactly what these products bring cable. Here’s our quick breakdown exhalation point.

What exactly is a hookah pen anyways?

Designed using the exact same technologies as those electronic vaporizers in e-cigarette’s, most of the hookah pens (but not all of them) are 100% nicotine free while still producing a flavorful vapor not dissimilar to the smoke you would get in a traditional hookah.

Using refillable cartridges filled with flavored serums – some of them (as mentioned above) including nicotine – you’ll be able to enjoy your hookah pen anywhere you like thanks to its relatively compact form factor. Not much bigger than a traditional flashlight, this is a lot of fun for parties, casual gettogethers,and even traveling!

While there are a number of hookah pen manufacturers out there (and the “standard gear” offered differs across all manufacturers), there are a handful of essentials you can anticipate being included in each and every hookah pen purchase.

The first component will be the actual electronic vaporizer and “shell” of the hookah pen – the real backbone of the entire system. These platforms will run off of lithium-ion batteries (preview options use 100% rechargeable batteries, but budget based ones use lithium batteries available for sale almost anywhere) and can be expected to produce nearly 500 or 600 puffs at a time.

Secondly, you’ll be able to enjoy at least a starter kit of vaporizer flavors – water based solutions thathave had flavor additives mixed in so that you’ll be able to enjoy a unique “smoke” each and every single time. You’ll also probably want to invest in more advanced packages of vapor cartridges if you enjoy using your hookah pen, but that’s an added expense – or just upgrade to a more “deluxe” package.

Finally, you’ll have at the user’s manual, carrying case, and any other essential extras that the manufacturers have decided to include. These will help you use your new hookah pen to its utmost potential, as well as advise you abou any particular’s you need to be aware of at the same time.

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